TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer is a collection of add-ons that I've created for Community Server. Currently there are 4 modules that provide the following functionality:

To use any portion of TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer first copy the .dll file in the downloaded archive, it's in the bin/Release folder, to your application's bin directory. Additionally, there are a few web controls and to use them you must add references to them in your web.config file or to each page they'll be used on.

Copy the following into the <system.web><pages><controls> section:

<add tagPrefix="th" namespace="TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer.WebControls" assembly="TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer" />
<add tagPrefix="th" namespace="TimothyHumphrey.WebControls" assembly="TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer" />

Individual page
Copy the following to the top of each page a web control will be used:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="th" Namespace="TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer.WebControls" Assembly="TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="th" Namespace="TimothyHumphrey.WebControls" Assembly="TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer" %>

Download TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer 2.1 for Community Server 2007 - 2008 (ASP.NET 2.0)

Download TimothyHumphrey.CommunityServer 1.3 for Community Server 2.1 (ASP.NET 1.1)