A web control that displays blog-specific content. Different types of content per blog can be displayed.


The BlogContent web control needs a database table to retrieve its contents. Run the included SQL script against your Community Server database to create the th_BlogContent table. To use the web control on a page include a tag similar to the following:

<th:BlogContent runat="server" ContentType="stats" />


The BlogContent web control can be used to display blog-specific content on the page, such as web statistic Javascript code.

The SectionID column of the database table refers to the blog's section ID from the cs_weblog_Weblogs table. The ContentType column is a unique identifier for the content. The CacheDuration column is the time in minutes that the Text column should be cached on the web server. A value of 0 prevents caching, values less than 0 cause Text to be permanently cached until it is naturally removed.


BlogContent Web Control

Property Description
The unique identifier in the database table of the text to display.