LastTab can display various informational popups to help you find the tab you want to work with.

Prior to version 3 little flexibility was offered in this area. Pressing Ctrl-Tab was the only keystroke that could be used to display a popup, there was only one kind of popup to display, and its behavior could not be changed.

Popups now work on the principle of actions. An action completely defines the operation of a popup: from the kind of popup to display, the user action to trigger it, to how it behaves. Multiple actions can be defined at once. So pressing Ctrl-Tab to display a popup with tabs represented by their icons, sorted by usage, with the initial selection on the next tab in the sort is now but one of many possibilities.


The Focusing feature works in the background to make a few user actions more intuitive.

When closing the tab you're working with, instead of simply focusing the tab next to it LastTab can instead focus the tab you were last working with.

LastTab also provides a, perhaps quirky, but surprisingly useful feature. When clicking the tab you're working with it can change the focus to the last tab you were working with. This can be a very quick way to switch between two tabs whenever you want to look at the other.

Tab Count

Ever lose count of how many tabs you have open? LastTab can display the current count in the status bar.